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The key to starting on the path of business success is offering products our customers can depend on. Our products and services represent the top manufacturers in the electrical industry. These manufacturers stand by the performance of their products and are dedicated to providing product innovations that meet the changing requirements of the industry.  Kiraç Elektrik offers them to its customers with the objective of establishing and maintaining a relationship built on trust.

We also recognize that long-term success is working with people you can depend on. That is why we strive for integrity and responsibility to our customers.

In the fulfillment of this philosophy, Kiraç Elektrik works hard to ensure maximum product availability, on-time delivery, and competitive prices.

Customer service is our highest priority. By combining in-depth knowledge of our customer’s needs with a wide network of national and international resources, we can offer a consistently high level of service to our customers. Kiraç Elektrik maintains a leadership position in the electrical industry by consistently meeting its commitments to its customers, manufacturers, and employees.

Kiraç Elektrik is a partnership with national and regional market leadership in the B2B distribution of electrical products, solutions, and related services. Drawing on the skill and passion of our employees, we serve customers all around Europe.

As a trusted partner with a wide network of electrical equipment manufacturers, Kiraç Elektrik makes life easier for its customers by selecting and distributing products that serve any type of industry.

Our experts would be glad to provide you with more information regarding our range of products and services. Contact us to inquire and receive a quotation.