In 2022, the two leading industry groups, Kiraç Group from Turkey and R&M Group from Albania reached an agreement to expand the same business models and practices in Albania. During the same year, a new company, established as Kiraç Elektrik Albania started to operate under this name and quickly became a leader in the electrical sector in the region.

Kiraç Elektrik Albania draws its strength and stability from the experience of Kıraç Group, especially Kıraç Elektrik Turkey, which operates with leading brands in the world, and ranks first throughout Turkey in every brand it franchises. On the other hand, Kıraç Elektrik can depend on the market knowledge and experience of R&M Group Albania, which has extensive activity in the region, and ranks as a leading company in the areas of distribution and installation of electric, lighting and security systems.

Kiraç Elektrik Albania has adopted from these two groups the principles of perfect service within the wide product range and distribution network.

Our Philosophy

At Kiraç Elektrik, we are guided by the values of integrity, reliability, commitment, and collaboration. Our job is to make our customers’ lives easier. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services. To achieve this, we are constantly expanding our equipment and facilities, and we engage in training and certification programs that ensure that we can serve with excellence and professionalism.

Our philosophy and commitment to service is: Delivering Results, Exceeding Expectations.

Our Vision

As an electrical solution specialist, we offer electrical installation and testing products, as well as automation, and energy saving solutions. With our large catalogue of products and services, we aim to be a reference name in our industry and a market leader in the regions that we cover.

To ensure our growth, we integrate the broad range of solutions from world-leading manufacturers with swift and flawless customer service.

Our Commitment to Customers

We aim to be recognized by our customers:

  • As a dependable and reliable distributor and seller of electrical power and control products and services.
  • As a proactive company capable of competing in all facets of the marketplace through constant improvement and innovation.
  • As a customer-oriented business that satisfies customers with easy and hassle-free transactions.
  • As an innovative company that ensures employee competence.

Our Commitment to Employees

Our team is composed of technically skilled and highly dedicated personnel working cohesively to promote value-added solutions with a competitive pricing structure to suit your needs. We aim to be recognized by our employees:

  • As an employer who guarantees a safe working environment.
  • As an employer who engages in training and certification programs to help employees progress in their personal and professional growth.
  • As an employer who values the dedication and commitment of its employees

Our Partnerships

Kiraç Elektrik partners with some of the biggest manufacturers in the electrical industry to ensure high quality products. Moreover, we continuously look for new products and enhance our services to serve our customers better. We aim to be recognized in our industry:

  • As a partner that promotes collaboration by engaging in mutual benefit partnerships.
  • As a creative, experienced and top seller of electrical products in the industry.
  • As a company who appreciates and recognizes that sustainable partnerships are essential to the company’s success.

About R&M Group

  • R&M Group is comprised of RATECH, SSD, Kiraç Elektrik Albania, Mr. Light, KidsClub, PiterPan, Bambi Kids, Tokyo Restaurant, Tokyo Coffee&Snacks, Mr. Coffee.

    The group’s focus is on technology, security systems, electrical and electronic engineering, and lighting systems. Our companies have successfully developed projects throughout the territory of Albania, as well as in several European countries.

    In our work, in all our companies, but also in our expansion plans, we remain committed to the community, committed to the future. The passion for the new and for technological innovation are the elements that make the R&M Group unique and different. These are exactly the values ​​that underlie our group.

    Our outstanding results are based entirely on the work of innovative and passionate people. People who never give up, people who choose great challenges. People who believe that every good idea makes a big difference towards a brighter future. We need to show with our work that innovation is not a starting point, but an ongoing process towards the future.

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